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Beaphar - Netherlands

Beaphar was founded in 1942 by the man after whom the company is named: Bernard Aa (Phar). The company was originally set up to manufacture easy-to-cook five minute puddings and later made chocolate sprinkles for the army. With Grandfather Aa’s background as a miller and his passion for pets, it wasn’t long before Beaphar began developing homeopathic products for dogs and cats.

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Picture of BEAPHAR Multi-Vit with Carnitine Dog
Picture of Beaphar Multi-Vit with Carnitine Dog
Picture of BEAPHAR Tear Stain Remover Dog & Cat
Picture of Beaphar Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Picture of BEAPHAR Ear cleaner
Picture of BEAPHAR  Laveta Super - Multi-Vit + Cartnitine