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Zoovet - Argentina


We were born in 1998 with the idea of ​​providing the veterinarian with products that solve their problems effectively and at appropriate prices. Today, 20 years later, we can ensure that the key to our success is the unique formulations and combinations of innovative assets that we offer in our products.

We have 160 products registered in SENASA and we have a distribution logistics that allows us to be where the customer requires it in record time.


In the beginning, ZOOVET outsourced the production of its products in laboratories in Buenos Aires. Then, with their own records, in a Laboratory in the city of Rosario. Today, after fifteen years of constant work, it has five own production plants. Four of them located in the PTLC - CERIDE of the city of Santa Fe: Hormonal, Beta-lactam, General & amp; External and Procycling, all authorized and certified by SENASA from 2012 with GMP standards (Certificate No. 001-2012) and the fifth plant, also authorized and certified by SENASA in the town of San Martin, Province of Buenos Aires.


We are present in more than 30 countries on 4 continents. Our products are available in countries in America, Africa, Asia and Europe. We have 419 products registered abroad, 26 in registration and 70 in development.

We are working to open our own subsidiaries in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico in order to start registering the products on their own behalf. We are also suppliers of 4 of the most important multinationals in the veterinary industry worldwide.


All the work areas of the company are completely updated in the development of their tasks, forming among all a dynamic, interconnected, creative and efficient body. All personnel are highly qualified to comply with the procedures so that the best results are obtained, assuming complete responsibility and commitment.

Today ZOOVET has a solid work team made up of more than 120 people, characterized by being young, proactive, and that, for more than 15 years, has overcome and evolves day by day.


For the fulfillment of the objectives, permanent investments in machinery, equipment, buildings, advertising and the constant incorporation of personnel are essential, so we focus on them permanently. Today we have five own manufacturing plants located in the city of Santa Fe and a manufacturing plant located in Buenos Aires, all certified with GMP standards by SENASA. 


The third-party processing service is being strengthened thanks to the resources and capabilities made available to other brands that produce their products in our plant and benefit from quality, service, dynamics and agility as advantages for competitiveness.


Provide the best service in the sector through the commercial advice of our representatives, assuming the commitment to prioritize the work of the Veterinarian as a healthcare professional.

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