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Motherhood in the Animal Kingdom

March 21st is Mother’s Day here in Qatar. It’s the one day a year we get to solely celebrate all that our mothers do for us on a daily basis, but in the animal kingdom, every day is Mother’s Day. The fierce and protective maternal instinct in different species is at least equal to, and in some cases maybe even stronger, than ours. Motherhood, with all its tenderness and affection, remains an internal instinct in all living beings. In the animal world, motherhood does not differ much in its meaning from human beings though it varies in its duration; between a short motherhood, such as in the case of rabbits and cats, and a relatively long one, such as in the case of elephants, which accompanies their young until it reaches 6 years - and a permanent one, as in the case of primates. Biologically programmed to preserve their species by protecting and caring for their young, some species go to incredible lengths to do so. It may be appropriate on (Mother's Day) to explore the world of motherhood in some animals:


All mothers are protective of their children, but no mother is more protective of their child than the lioness. Mothers and their young cubs will spend most of their time away from the pride, with the cub relying entirely on their mother for this period. Remaining dependent on their mother for up to two years, or until the cub is able to look after itself. The lion cub cannot reach adulthood and become the king of the forest without the protection of the mother, as it is the only line of defense that protects it from becoming easy prey for the wild buffalo, the natural enemy of lions, with its crushing kicks and the blows of its horns that are a meter in length and more, there’s nothing the lioness wouldn’t do to protect her cubs from harm.


Crocodiles have superb maternal instincts: They construct a large nest, which they watch over diligently for three months. A mother will carry newborn babies in her powerful jaws until she finds suitable waters. She'll even use her jaws to help condition the eggs for hatching, moving them around and applying small amounts of pressure. The mother crocodile nurses her young for months, and some lasts for a year until full growth, and when the young start to compete with the mother for food, she moves away to take care of other young who are about to hatch. Most animals are not brave enough to go near these creatures once they hatch; the mother crocodile is a ferocious guardian.


The hippo is one of the most ferocious animals in the wild, but the female hippopotamus is an ideal mother who takes care of her offspring for about 7 or 8 years, which is the age of puberty, and specifically protects new-born males from being killed by adult males in the herd in a permanent struggle for the role of the Alpha male. The female hippopotamus also throws waste into the surrounding water until the color of the water turns dark, thus protecting her offspring under the water so that the enemies cannot see and attack them.


Newborn pandas are incredibly vulnerable, blind and tiny, weighing in about 375 to 625 grams, which is 1/900 the size of their mothers. Panda Moms have to take a lot of care in protecting their tiny, helpless infants, which is why they cradle them almost constantly until it is big enough to move around on its own, at about three months old. Usually Pandas give birth to one cup at a time, but in the event that the panda gives birth to twins, it chooses the stronger of the two newborns to take care of and neglects the weaker of the siblings.

Motherhood is a basic instinct in humans and animals alike, and on Mother's Day, we must pay extra attention to our mothers and present them with gifts and kind words that express our love and appreciation for their efforts and sacrifices for us throughout the years. On this joyous day, let’s pamper our mothers and our pets too. This day is all about making the effort and giving more love.

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Make this day special for your mother and your pet.

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